Policy and Procedures

This page describes the Computer Science Groups purpose and regulations for providing a great experience to its members. The members and guests to any formally accounted meeting of the Computer Science are expected to understand and follow the policies on this page.
Any other questions on the groups, philosophy and expectations for the group as a whole can be found in our Constitution and bylaws.

Policy for Users Granted Intranet Access

Password policy should contain:

The password policy is made due to the specific nature of the user’s access to sensitive material for Computer Science Group (CSG) in order to prevent unauthorized users. For a user to access and maintaining CSG systems network it is imperative that the user have an appropriate password, store it in a secure location and that no unauthorized user has access to their account information for CSG. The policy addresses the required criteria for a strong password, what is considered a secure location, in the event an unauthorized user obtains the user’s credentials what steps need to be taken and what the process of the CSG when a user is transitioned out of maintaining the network.

  • At least 8 characters in length
  • Uppercase letter
  • Lowercase letter
  • Special character
  • A number

A secure location is where another can not have access to your password or accidentally stumble upon it. It is recommended to not write it on a piece of paper, but possibly keep it in a location where the user has easy access to their password.


If it is determined that an unauthorized user has accessed the user’s password, change password and immediately notify the CSG officers.


Once a user graduates, a member drops out of school at Indiana University Southeast will have their accounts deleted from the network. A member that is inactive for more then one year may have their account deleted from the network at the officers discretion.